Procurement Sunflower seed is a staple raw material for our production. We purchase sunflower seeds throughout a year and process about 180 000 tons of sunflower seeds per year. The most part of stock is purchased during harvesting period from September to November. Raw materials are stored both at our own storage facilities and rented storages at grain elevators. We are actively cooperating with many agricultural enterprises in Kharkiv and nearby regions, and are always open for and welcoming new partnerships.02
Processing Sunflower seeds are processed at our own production facilities Vasishchevsky Plant of Vegetable Oils located 5 km from Kharkiv city, in the rural town Vasishchevo. This is an up-to-date oil extraction plant with all necessary infrastructure, which allows processing more than 180 000 tons of sunflower seeds a year. At our plant we can also process other types of oilseeds, in particular soybeans and rape. We have introduced advanced oilseeds processing technologies and pay special attention to energy efficiency. 03
Production The products are manufactured in accordance with HACCP safety system, quality control is provided by in-house laboratory. As it is a continuous production process we control the quality of finished products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All finished products (sunflower oil, meal and fuel pellets from sunflower husks) meet the relevant standards of quality and safety, and for each shipped lot a quality passport is issued. 04
Domestic and
Global Sales
We sell our products both on the domestic and global markets. The main consumers
in the domestic market are refineries (oil), feed mills (meal) and energy generating companies (pellets). For export we mainly sell to international traders on CPT, FOB, and DAP basis.
We are now focusing special attention to export sales in containers. This allows us to
sell goods direct to customers abroad.
About us

The main activity of Nasha Oliya Group is processing of oilseeds, mainly sunflower seeds, as well as trading of sunflower seed products. The main products are sunflower oil, sunflower meal and fuel pellets from sunflower husks.

Since start of production in 2004 and until today, the main priority of Nasha Oliya Group has been and remains the production of high-quality products in order to maximize customer satisfaction.

We have become a recognized manufacturer and supplier of sunflower seed products in the industry.

Nasha Oliya is a member of the Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation.