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Nasha Oliya Group

Nasha Oliya is a group of companies engaged in purchasing, processing of oilseeds and sales of finished products. The main raw material for processing is sunflower seeds. Manufacturing enterprise is Vasishchevsky Plant of Vegetable Oils (VPVO), located in the rural town Vasishchevo, in Kharkiv region. VPVO is an up-to-date manufacturing site with a full cycle of oilseeds processing. Highly qualified personnel carry out stable and efficient processing of raw materials and production of finished products. The main products are sunflower oil and sunflower meal, however, our equipment allows to process other oil seeds, in particular soybean and rapeseed.

The history of the plant begins in 2004 as a small oil-pressing plant. Over the years, the enterprise has been upgraded many times, the processing volume has been increased, the technology has been improved, and in 2016 the oil extraction section was put into operation, which allowed us to achieve maximum processing efficiency and to be along with the leading enterprises in the industry. At the moment, the production capacity allows to process more than 180 000 tons of sunflower seeds per year, which makes us one of the market leaders in the region.

The company's products are recognized and highly valued by consumers both in Ukraine and abroad.

We are constantly expanding our sales geography and striving to meet the needs of our customers as much as possible, offering various options for cooperation. We do our best to ensure that our clients get benefits and competitive market advantages due to cooperation with us.

Over the years we have established long-term relationships with many suppliers of raw materials, as well as consumers of our products both in Ukraine and worldwide. Our clients are large international traders and refineries, and for many years of work we have won reputation of a reliable and fair partner. We are always open for new partnerships and new opportunities and always look to the future with optimism.

Our priorities are continuous development, upgrade of production facilities, implementation of energy saving programs, and sales markets expansion.

The motto of the company “MAKING WITH LOVE" is not just a fashionable slogan, it is an attitude of every employee who comprise our team of professionals united by common goals.

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